Board of Advisors

Dr. Fardad Forouzan was born in Tehran, Iran and left his homeland in 1983. After moving to the United States, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from Skidmore College in 1988, a Master’s degree in Polymer Chemistry from Clark University in 1992, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Clark University, with specialization in Electrochemistry, in 1994. His dissertation was titled "Photoelectrochemical Study of n-GaAs/Potassium Polyselenide Electrolyte." He then completed three years of postdoctoral training at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Forouzan has published more than a dozen articles in major peer reviewed scientific journals and is a sought-after speaker in his field.

Dr. Forouzan's expertise include the development of new, safe and reliable energy related systems for medical, industrial, and consumer applications. He has been involved with research and development for over twenty years and has worked on novel solar cell (PV) manufacturing processes as well as energy storage systems designed for military, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, aircraft and stationary power applications. His other experiences include operations, manufacturing, and quality assurance.

Since 2008, he has headed ARTIN Engineering and Consulting Group that specializes in testing and certification of consumer electronic products, development of new electrode materials and new electrodeposition techniques, conducts testing per UL, IEEE, IEC, Cellular Telephony, and Bluetooth protocols. Dr. Forouzan has been involved with the development of multiple international standards and is currently the Chairperson in charge of revisions to an IEEE Standard.