Iran Uncovered Podcast

Iran is often talked about but poorly understood with the conversation bound by misinformation and tired cliches. Our host, Policy Director Cameron Khansarinia, together with experts, dissidents and news makers will bring you Iran, Uncovered.

Episode 4: The Islamic Republic's War on Iranian Culture

Iran has an ancient and celebrated culture, one that has sustained it through millennia. In the nation's toughest times, including multiple occupations, it has been its culture that has sustained it. Is that the case today with the Islamic Republic's occupation? Where does Iranian culture go from here?

We're joined by celebrated Iranian artist, Arash Sobhani, to discuss. He's the founding member and lead singer and guitarist of the underground band Kiosk and a long-time advocate for human rights since he was forced into exile. He is an accomplished producer, musician, writer, and architect who got his Masters in the field from the Isfahan University of Art.

Episode 3: Human Rights Under the Islamic Republic in Iran with Shahin Milani

**Warning: This episode covers the brutal crimes of the Islamic Republic in Iran and thus may be disturbing and not appropriate for all listeners.**

The Islamic Republic in Iran has among the world's worst human rights records. From women to LGBTQ to minorities, the regime has a 41-year history of committing crimes against humanity against the Iranian people.

To discuss, we'll be joined by Shahin Milani the Executive Director of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center.

Episode 2: The Political Structure of the Islamic Republic with Nazenin Ansari

The Islamic Republic has systemic components that are presented to the world as democratic, but it behind the scenes is a murky cabal which makes most of the key decisions. What is the actual structure of this regime and how do the Iranian people view it?

To find out, we'll be joined by veteran Iranian journalist Nazenin Ansari. She is the editor of Kayhan and Kayhan Life publications and a trustee of the Foreign Press Association of London and has served as the President. She is a graduate of Georgetown and George Washington University and is considered among the most prominent Iranian journalists.

Episode 1: The COVID Crisis in Iran with Dr. Daniel Jafari

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world. In Iran, however, the impact of the virus has been coupled with the impact of a disastrous response from the regime. But has the response been more than mishandled? Has it been intentionally mishandled to serve the regime's political interests?

We'll be joined by public health expert and front-line physician Dr. Daniel Jafari. He is a graduate of the Imperial Medical Centre of Iran, Imperial College London, and the University of Pennsylvania, he has written and spoken widely on the #COVID crisis in #Iran.